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Photograph by Jemima Wand   

 Cast photographs by Zosia
 (that's why they're a bit blurred)

The Treehouse

15 Minute Drama Serial on BBC Radio 4
Monday 12 to Friday 16 May 2014

Clare returns to Ulverston 19 years after a tragedy took place expecting to put the past behind her, but she is shocked to discover the treehouse where it all happened is still there. 

"He liked a secret, Mark.  
He could keep a secret.  
Pull it out, like a knife, when he needed to, run his finger up and down the blade, watch you while he was doing it.  One finger sliding up and down, letting you know." 

Clare: Joanne Mitchell
Mark: William Ash
Guy: Jason Done
Divvie: Lee Ingleby
India: Emma Cunniffe 
Julie: Lyndsey Marshall

Producer: Nadia Molinari

Treehouse cast (l-r):  Julie (Lyndsey Marshall), Divvie (Lee Ingleby), Guy (Jason Done), India (Emma Cunniffe), Clare (Joanne Mitchell) and Mark (William Ash)

Recording at Media City, Manchester 

Recording at Media City, Manchester 

May 2014
The Treehouse – BBC Radio 4 Broadcast
Five part thriller set in Ulverston.  The message: He deserved it, scrawled across a woodland treehouse where a teenager fell to his death twenty years before causes panic among his remaining friends.

   "Radio 4 can be relied upon to offer up regular crime thrillers - and they don't get more 
   psychological in tone than The Treehouse.  All the things I loved about Broadchurch are 
   here in spades. There's the setting in a tight-knit community (in this case a market town 
   in Cumbria).  Then come the gradual, teasing reveals of possible motivation.  But best of 
   all is a cast of characters any one of whom could prove to be the killer."  
      Jane Anderson, Radio Times Pick Of The Week

Listener feedback via Twitter & email:

   “Great writing!”

   “Excellent & most powerful.  Oh how abusers can manipulate.”

   “Excellent gripping stuff.”

   "I particularly like its attack and intensity.”

   "Fantastic and it felt so real. I expect to bump into India when I'm out tomorrow."

   “Beautiful  ending”

   “fabulous ending!”

   “a brilliant radio drama. Would make an equally brilliant novel"

   “Beautifully done.” 

   “I love the characters, they're incredibly vivid!”

   “OMG! Amazing, I am hooked already and can't wait for the next instalment, 15 mins
   is NOT enough.”

   “the images I have in my head are really vivid, my imagination is really running away
   with me.”

   “I heard The Treehouse on the radio the other day and was so refreshed by the power
   and quality of it that I have to get in touch. Such a sensitive but intelligent, well tackled
   piece, so interestingly done and with performances that sounded so real and genuine in
   a way t
hat I don't always feel they are on the radio.”

   “Brilliant characterisation and suspense.”

   “I particularly like its attack and intensity.”

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