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Photographs by Darren Andrews

January 2011

Dukes Theatre, Lancaster in partnership with Theatre By The Lake, Keswick

Family secrets are swallowed and revealed in a new play charting love on the treacherous sands of Morecambe Bay.

Pick of the Week
      The Guardian, 22 January 2011

  “Tremendous warmth and compassion in the writing” 
      Stefan Escreet, Associate Director, Theatre By The Lake, Keswick

  “Popular and challenging”, “a strong piece of drama”
      Joe Sumsion, Artistic Director, The Dukes Playhouse, Lancaster

  “Zosia Wand's script is impressive…the dialogue is gripping, and
   moves the production on. The characterisation of Ula, Elka, Leo
   and Renata is thoroughly nuanced and there is no reliance on
      Jane Sunderland, Virtual Lancaster

  “a thought-provoking, gripping drama”
      Lakes Online Review 

  “the World premiere of Quicksand has swept in a classic”

  “powerful moments of tragic melodrama, but equally lightness, joy
   and humour”

  “a powerful piece of work”
      Lancaster Evening Post

  “an evocative tale of complicated family life”

  “an unusual and cleverly interwoven tale of love and relationships”
      Lancaster Guardian

  “a love story with more than a few brilliant twists”, 

  “What a drama it is!  Exciting, emotional, enticing – drawing its
   audience into an intense, yet ultimately happy, tale of tangled lives
   and loves”

  “a story of betrayal, the brutality of economic hardship and exploitation,
   as well and love and forgiveness”

  Quicksand is one of the best dramas I have seen at the Dukes for
   some time. It is clever, thought-provoking, funny, sad and well
   paced. I thoroughly recommend it.”
      Anthony Coppin, Garstang Courier

  “elegantly-constructed and affecting new drama”, 

  “Quicksand has a very definite sense of time and place, and yet here
   is a play that could beguile audiences that know little or nothing
   about Morecambe Bay, its vistas, or vicissitudes”
      David Upton, Freelance theatre critic

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