live literature

June 2009
Mind The Gap
Live literature performance for Lit Up conference.  Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal.

  “Zosia's writing is engaging, gripping, and infused with darkness. Don't even
reading it, listening to it or going to a performance it if you're close to
   the edge or have PMT. 
She is obsessed with food; writing about it, making it, eating
   it. Her signature drama is less 
of a three act play and more of a three course meal. 
   In our three woman performance at the 
Brewery, she made a sandwich. For half an
   hour! Who takes half an hour to make a sandwich? 
And if you don't get the lettuce
   and mayo in the right order she comes at you with a kitchen 
knife...while reciting
poetry!  Although I lived to tell the tale I now steer clear of her house at lunchtime.
   Or in fact
     Kirstie Pelling

October 2008
Mother’s Ruin
Live literature performance for Ilkley Fringe Festival.

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