writing for the page

Photograph by Darren Andrews

The Treehouse
A novel based on the radio thriller broadcast in May 2014 on Radio 4.

2012 / 13
Quicksand - Arts Council Bursary
A novel based on Quicksand theatre production from 2011.

September 2008 
Charlie’s Boy:  TLC Mentoring Scheme
One of ten writers selected for an Arts Council bursary for a national mentorship scheme.   Working with the novelist Susannah Waters to edit a first novel.

Can you be a father if you’ve never had one? Steve, a successful saxophone player and composer, has the perfect life: a loving wife a two year old son, a lovely home, so why is he more comfortable watching his family through the window of his studio, or sending texts from tour, than actually participating in family life?

The novel opens with the untimely death of Steve’s father, Charlie who left the family home when Steve was five years old. Returning to South East London for the funeral, Steve embarks on a journey into his past where he discovers the truth about Charlie and, in the process, learns how to be a father himself.

The story is told from two points of view: Steve and his Aunt Liza, Charlie’s younger sister, through whom we learn the story of Charlie’s love for the captivating, Polish Marila, and the events that lead to him abandoning his son.

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