about Zosia Wand

“Morecambe Bay.  Not land, not sea, no clear sense of where the earth ends and the sky begins.  This is the in between; a trembling watercolour impression of the world, softened edges, margins blurred.  Somewhere between heaven and earth, dream and waking; a space for imagination and possibility.” 

I am what is known in South Cumbria as an off-comer (from off the peninsula).  I speak with a strong south London accent, but I am also fluent in Polish. I spent long, glorious summers throughout my childhood in Poland with my mother’s two elderly aunties, but my father’s family were from south London and I grew up navigating my way between these two contrasting worlds.   

My writing is infused with the personalities of my Polish aunts who played cards in their flannelette nightdresses, with their hair in curlers, while they knocked back vodka shots and cursed the Soviet government. They were the glamorous survivors of a lost generation, scarred by the war, shrewd, tough and utterly fearless.  

I write about salvaged families, people who have been damaged and survived, creating a home from the wreckage.  And I write about love and hope which I believe is always there if you look hard enough.

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