collaborative community writing

Photograph by Joel Chester Fildes 

November 2010
Multicultural Women’s Radio Writing Project with Signal Film and Media
Facilitating the creation of a fictional community based on Barrow Island with a group of women from a range of cultural backgrounds, most of whom have English as a second language.  These characters and their stories to provide a backdrop for the storyline of a radio play which will be considered for commissioning as a Radio 4 afternoon play in 2011.

  “I feel very privileged to be part of Zosia's group (the Multicultural
   Women's Scriptwriting Project) working towards the commissioning
   of a BBC Radio 4 play.  Zosia's drive, enthusiasm, organisational skills,
   knowledge and bubbly personality make the workshops very special.
   (She bakes a mean cake too!)" 
     Dorothy Queen, participant

  “Zosia is a brilliant facilitator of workshops. Her qualities are:
   The ability for really listening to a person: she is obviously empathising
   with the contributor. She can always make relevant and encouraging
   remarks. Her comments are useful and critical without being in
   anyway a 'put-down'. Instead, they are aimed at making our writing
   better.  Zosia is a joy to work with: fun and hard-working.  Our current
   project is a radio play that fourteen of mixed nationalities are working
   on. We all find that our creative writing is improving, mainly by Zosia's
   encouragement and acceptance.  Her abilities, both as a writer and a
   teacher, are exceptional.  Mostly she is a friend to us all.” 
     Pat Williams, participant

October 2010
Media Box project with Signal Film and Media
Creating a short film script with a group of young people from Barrow aged 13 – 19.  Facilitating the creative process and collaborating with the director.

  "Zosia has led workshops in scriptwriting with varied groups for our
   organisation - from helping adults already working in the creative
   sector to boost their capacity to generate exciting and innovative ideas,
   to taking on a bunch of unruly teenagers and enthusing them about
   storytelling, Zosia tackles everything she does with bags of energy,
   insight and an infectious passion for her artform. She is one the few
   unique people who gives everything they have to each project she
   approaches. She is generous and patient with everyone taking part but
   also steers them forward to achieve the best they possibly can. She is
     Kerry Kolbe, Director, Signal Films

April 2010 (ongoing)
Creative Writing Residency – Multicultural Women’s Network
Creative writing project for adults with English as a second language.

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